Introducing Doddl

At doddl we create clever kids’ products that are expertly designed to make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable. Our products are a combination of parental experience, child development expertise and ergonomic design.

doddl products:

  • Make learning to eat easy for children.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety for parents.
  • Expert, ergonomic design.
  • Contributes to the development of key motor skills.
  • Endorsed by esteemed feeding and development experts.
  • Supports the transition to ‘adult’ tableware.
  • Multi-award winning.
  • Certified safe.

For us, it’s all about the family mealtime. At doddl, we believe in it.

The definition of the family doesn’t matter. Nor does the meal. Whatatters is spending time and enjoying food with the people you love.

Our products are designed to make sure you don’t have to stress about your kids missing their mouth, getting frustrated and simply downing tools... and instead allows everybody around the table to have a positive, enriching experience.

That’s why we do it. To make eating easy, and mealtimes as special and enjoyable as we know they can be.

Doddl do not allow their items to be sold on Amazon or 3rd party sites

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